How to get your child into modeling

How to get your child into modeling

I know, you are probably wondering if you are a bit biased on thinking that your child, your niece, etc. has the potential to be the next Gap or Carter’s baby model.

Your phone is filled with a thousand pictures of their cute smile – and that’s just what you captured in the last week.

But considering that strangers in the grocery store and on your Instagram page are also cooing over how cute your little one is, you are starting to really consider the idea of your child or little family member becoming a model.

I am sure that you are completely lost on the process, hence the google search, so, let me break down a few key areas of the baby/child modeling industry for you.


In order to have your child get the attention of an agency, these are some of the basic qualities agencies look for when it comes to child modeling:

1) Does your baby/child have a look that is not the typical – the look that constantly get’s compliments from strangers?

  • Do they turn heads due to their big bright eyes?
  • Do they have the fullest curly, or cutest straight hair?
  • Do they instantly light up the room with the biggest smile?

2) Does your baby/child have the personality to be a model?

  • As a baby – are they often fussy or are they pretty calm and happy? Do they allow strangers to pick them or do they usually avoid this at all cost?
  • Is your child a little ham and full of personality? Are they good at making all different types of faces?
  • Do they tend to be camera shy or are they always trying to photo bomb a moment?

If you are a bit lost on determining if you child has the “right” look, feel free to contact me for further guidance on this.

If you feel that your little one’s looks and temperment/personality are well suited for modeling, the next step would be to find modeling agencies suited for your little one.

Not all modeling agencies represent babies or children, so it’s important to not waste your time submitting to agencies that are not suited for the age of your child.

While this is not a complete list of all the great child modeling agencies, below is a starter list of agencies that you can research.

Even if one of these agencies is not in your local market, it would behoove you to still peruse their website and browse through their catalog of models. This will give you an idea of the age ranges that they accept and the photos will be a clear indication of the types of looks that they tend to sign.

Keep in mind that some child modeling agencies do not allow the public access to their library of child images for the safety of the children that they represent.

However, the majority of the more well known, reputable child modeling agencies now have Instagram pages in which they post updates of their models.


While each agency may have their own requirement on how to contact them, here is a general outline.

  1. Visit the agency website and look for the “contact us” or similar “submission” tab. Read the overview of what they are looking for. If you feel your child qualifies, then proceed to contacting the agency.
  2. In most cases, the agency will have you submit the images directly through their website but sometimes they will direct you to which email address to use. Be sure to follow their submission directions as requested.
  3. Agencies will require simple “Digital” or “Polaroid” images of your baby/child. These are basic shots taken on your cell phone.
  4. Capture your little one in natural light. It is also best to capture them in an environment that is not super distracting. Avoid putting big hair bows on your child or dressing them up fancy. A simple, everyday solid or neutral color outfit works just fine. * Note that it can take some agencies up to 6 weeks to respond. Do not call the agency to find out if they received your submission. They typically directly contact those whom they wish to speak to further.

By now, I hope that you have a better idea of how to go about getting your child into the modeling industry. The process is generally the same for most agencies but some will vary.

Also, keep in mind that if an agency declines to work with your child, it is possible that while your child may be “cute”, the agency may already have another little one with a similar look and hence why you may not get signed with said agency.

If things do not work out for your little one, you can alway try again in 6 months or a year — or just wait until they are much older.

Overall, allow your child to be a child. Modeling should never feel like a forced activity so be mindful of how your child reacts to having to go to castings or model bookings.

If you wish to speak with me further on getting more in-depth coaching about the modeling industry, I would love to be your modeling coach. I coach aspiring models and their parents of all ages.

Details on my coaching can be found here. My in-depth coaching covers:

  1. The ins and outs of avoiding agency scams
  2. Developing your child’s modeling portfolio
  3. How to read modeling contracts
  4. Knowing which agency is best suited for your child
  5. Self-care/self-esteem tips for raising a child model etc. etc.

Peace & love,


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  1. Good morning,

    My name is Melanie Sinclair. My son MJ is has the biggest personality around. He attracts eyes instantaneously when he walks into a room. He has brown curly hair with natural highlights and big brown eyes. I thought it would be great to get him into modeling given the compliments and constant suggestions to do so. I know nothing about this industry, however, your name was passed along to me by a friend. I would love some guidance on this.

    1. Hi Melanie, thank you for contacting us. We do have an application on our website. Please go to “join our team”. If he is new to the business he should have 1. good photos we can send to the client 2. an outgoing and friendly personality as he may need to work with a pretend mom/ dad/ or sister and most important is 3. He needs to be able to follow direction.

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